8 Habits for a Healthy Life

9. …But Get Your Vitamin Ds and Omega-3s

About 60 percent of us have too-low levels of vitamin D, finds study after study, and that’s been linked to a higher risk of many diseases. At your next checkup, have your levels tested so you can figure out how much D you need to take. While you can get some D from foods, it’s usually not enough: Three ounces of salmon has 447 IU, a cup of fortified OJ about 137, and a cup of nonfat milk about 115. Because vitamin D is fat-soluble, experts advise taking it with a meal containing fat, ideally the largest meal of the day. You should also consider taking omega-3 fatty acids because research has linked them to so many key benefits, from a lower risk of heart disease and cancer to a better mood. “I recommend krill oil supplements, which tend to be easy on the stomach,” Katz says.