Super gadgets 2018

5.BenjiLock Rechargeable Fingerprint Padlock


Store your personal items with total peace of mind when you use the BenjiLock Rechargeable Fingerprint Padlock. Offering the ultimate security, this lock only opens with a special type of key – your fingerprint. Setup is simple and takes just minutes. Once ready, the BenjiLock will only grant access to you. As a winner of the Innovation Award for Smart Home Products at CES 2017, the BenjiLock is truly revolutionary. Whether you’re at the gym or the office or even on vacation, it safeguards all of your belongings. In addition, the sleek padlock design fits through lockers, chains, fences, and more. Because your fingerprint is your key, there is no worry about someone knowing your code. Additionally, the BenjiLock is rechargeable so you’ll never lose access.